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Our goal is an efficient organization for the execution of works on the construction of buildings.


By teamwork we achieve the highest quality

The company "Geo-mechanical team - GMT" was founded in 2018 with a plan to become a leader in the field of construction, designing and executing the most complex hydrotechnical and geomechanical works. In particular, it is necessary to emphasize the monitoring and introduction of new technologies in the field of geotechnics, and according to the highest standards in the world. We own mechanization as following:

  • Mait HR 300 - our biggest and most powerful machine
  • Mait HR 180 - two new machines produced in 2018
  • Mait HR 130 - two new machines produced in 2018



Drilled piles

We produce classical drilled piles with and without casing, a diameter of ϕ 400mm to 1500mm depths up to 40m.

CFA piles and CFA secant piles

We produce diameters of ϕ400mm, ϕ600mm, ϕ800mm and ϕ1000mm. We are distinguished from the competition by computers of the last genereation that monitor the continuity of piles and consumption of concrete.

Driven piles

We produce ready-made AB driven piles in dimensions of 30x30cm, 35x35cm, 40x40cm and 45x45cm with modern hydraulic ram.


We produce diameters of 45cm and 60cm. Standard lamellas width up to 2.5m, depth up to 25m.

SDA piles

The company GEOMEHANIČKI TIM is one of the few companies that uses SDA technology in its work, ie reinforced concrete piles with Solid Displacement Auger (SDA) technology.

Mega piles

Mega piles are used to strengthen and repair the foundations of existing buildings, as well as when there is no possibility of access to the pile drilling machine


This is our biggest and most powerful machine

The maximum depth that can be achieved by drilling is 40m, drill diameter up to 1500mm - for drilled cuttlefish (with and without pipe), as well as 32m and 1200mm for CFA piles)

The weight of this machine is 118t in operation


Machines produced in 2018

The geomechanical team owns TWO MAIT HR 180 machines produced in 2018.

HR 180 is one of the best-selling models of MAIT Company due to its versatility, and it can easily be adapted to various applications.

It is equipped with a cylinder that exerts pressure on the rotary drive and is mainly used for drilling holes of a large diameter.


Machine manufactured in 2018

The geomechanical team owns TWO MAIT HR 130 machines produced in 2018.

The HR 130 is a powerful compact machine that does not require disassembly during transport from work to work.

The HR 130 has an electronic depth gauge, automatic leveling and air conditioning system and a heating system to provide more comfortable accommodation for the operator.


Completed projects of the Geomechanical team members

Department store IKEA

NIS Refinery Pančevo


Železara Smederevo

Airport City

Big licenses we have


Oil and gas refining facilities being built outside the exploitation fields previously obtained consent of the ministry responsible for the exploitation of mineral resources, production of biofuels and bioliquids in plants with a capacity of over 100 tons per year, oil pipelines and product pipeline, gas pipeline with nominal working overpressure over 16 bar if it crosses the territory two or more municipalities, oil storage facilities, liquid oil tankers and oil derivatives with a capacity of over 500 tons that are built outside the exploitation fields defined by the law governing mining and geological research and main heating pipelines


Facilities of basic and processing chemical industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, leather and fur processing facilities, rubber processing facilities, pulp production facilities and paper and facilities for processing non-metallic mineral raw materials that are built outside the exploitation fields defined by the law governing mining and geological research, except for primary facilities processing of ornamental and other stone


Building constructions for passenger docks and ports.


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